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The services I provide:

Still illustration, still 3D graphic rendering, 2D animation, 3D animation, interactive multimedia courseware, graphic design Some work of mine in PDF format for you to download: Medical Illustrator Du Peng’s Colorful Samples.pdf Medical Illustrator Du Peng’s Black & White Line Arts Samples.pdf Details and specifications:

  1. Illustrations/drawings: Biomedical journal illustration, Scientific and Technological periodical illustration, PowerPoint slideshow illustration, SCI term paper illustration, computer-aided instruction illustration, Pamphlet illustration for Doctors and Patients, Surgical training illustration, Treatment path and operating illustration, Graphic depiction for course of treatment, Medical instruments and devices instruction illustration, Medical legal illustration, Popular science education illustration.
  2. Digital biomedical animation in 2D(Flash + AfterEffects) and 3D(3dsMax + Cinema4D) as description for the disease progression, the course of our illness, suigial operations.
  3. Interactive wares based on Flash, 3D and virtual reality to be used on web pages, PowerPoint or offline desktop of PC or tablet.
  4. Graphi Design: Photoshop image edition and improving, Vector illustration(Illustrator + Coreldraw), PowerPoint graphic embellishing, biomedical 3D modelling and sculpting(3dsMax + Silo3D + Rhino3D + Zbrush + Cinema4D + Mudbox), Website design(HTML + CSS), Poster design, Clip art design, Cartoon, Flyer Brochure design, Diagram design, Infographic design, Logo design, Banner design, Cover design, Business card design, Scientific exhibition and Museum design, charts design.
  5. Video edition and post effects creation(Premiere + Vegas + AfterEffects).

sample of medical 3D animation



sample of bitmap format in colors


sample of vector format in colors

sample of Pen & Ink in B/W lines

sample of 3D biomedical objects in microcosmic modes

sample of 3D biomedical objects in X-rays or perspective modes

sample of 3D modelling work for bio-medical structure


  1. Professional medical background with Surgical Master Degree and practiced in computer digital arts and traditional arts, fluent communication skills as well.
  2. Proficient and efficient in Vector and Bitmap illustraion, beautifully detailed and quick modification in time.


  1. The price is higher than non-scentific illustration.
  2. Please make arrangements with me, multiple pieces should be put forward one month earlier, and one piece of work should be proposed 2 weeks earlier.

Prepare data:

  1. Materials related to the content about the illustrations: ①Keywords: illness, treatment, surgical terms. ②Anatomy position and view points or angles: designated body partm organs included, suitable angles to access the places. ③Reference figures: clinic photos, illustrations from books or internet publication, your own hand-drawn sketches. ④Reference text content: the full text of the thesis or paper, articles related, textbooks.
  2. Requirement for the project: ①Academic figures, scientific education figures, product instructions etc. ②Where to be used: direct marketing advertisement, website, submit for publication, classroom teaching, sales(commercial ones should be copyright authorized). ③Style and numbers: vector or bitmap format, how many in the series and and designated style such as watercolor, cartoon, oil paint etc. ④Size and resolution in dpi. ⑤Expected delivery date.

Progress for the Drawing/Animation:

      1. Samples and sketches for the still illustration. Drafts for the animation storyboard.
      2. Rate: according to the size, resolution, line arts or full colors, vector or bitmap, single or series of, length of the animation, effects for the video etc.
      3. Sign the contract,Copyright licensing negotiations.
      4. Payments in milestones through the third party like Paypal, direct bank payments could be considered as well.


    1. Creating the illustration or animation, modification, and progress report.
    2. Finishing: ①Digital graphics in Photoshop layered format .PSD, and .tiff, .jpg, .png bitmap formats, vector formats in .eps, .ai, .pdf etc. ②Details for the price: the updated and last rate and list. ③Final milestone payments. ④Delivery work through email attachments, dropbox or ftp server, provide maintenance, baking files resend when lost.

Valuation methods: According to the complexity of the illustration/animation.

  1. Area: the covered anatomy area, the bigger the more time consuming for the data analysis.
  2. Amount: the more the amount of the organs and tissues, the more complex for the illustrating and difficult for the composition and the more time consuming.
  3. Sort: if there’re meticulous tissues, beside of the organs, muscles and bones, if the nerves, vessels, lymph nodes and glands are included, the more time consuming.
  4. Style: the style and feeling for the illustration are important. The vector graphic could be zoomed and scales infinitely without zigzagged pixel boxes, it’s a kind of cartoon style. But the bitmap graphic could be zigzagged after zoomed, it’s a nice choice for detailed and complex patterns and more time consumed.

Copyright authorization: The legal way to use the work.

  1. Authorized: ①Copyright licensed forever: you can edit, modify, publicly display it such as uploading to the websites, printing poster. No time limit for person or company. ②Exclusive license(in 2 years): the client own the exclusive license in 2 years, if the time would be longer, you need to pay extras.
  2. Unauthorized: copyright infringement such as renting, resale, gift or commercial products for sale.

Biomedical Illustration Service Process:

B(Biomedical illustrator Du Peng Studio) sign the Confidentiality Agreement with A(Client). ↓ A provides related data/materials. ↓ B valuate the rate and time plan. ↓ A confirms quote and sign the service contract with B. ↓ 45% should be paid first from A as deposit. ↓ The work is officially launched by B. ↓ Project done. ↓ B delivers the final work to A. ↓ A should finish the total payment in one week.


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