Juan Gatti – Ciencias Naturales 自然科学机制,美妙的解剖花园

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这些精美的解剖拼贴画是由阿根廷的设计师和时尚摄影师 胡安•加蒂创作的。这一拼贴画展览,名为“自然科学机制”,将精美分层的植物群和动物群包绕在经典的解剖图周围。本系列包含了他的一些鲜为人知的工作。猛击此处查看更多胡安的作品Michele Filomeno
These beautifully composed anatomical collages were created by Argentinean designer and fashion photographer, Juan Gatti. The collection of collages, titled De Ciencias Naturales, uses classic anatomical illustrations surrounded by beautifully layered flora and fauna. This series encompasses some of his lesser known work—Juan is more known for his photography and collaborations with famous Spanish film director, screenwriter, and producer Pedro Almodóvar (Volver, Y tu mamá también, Talk to Her, etc.)
Does anyone know the origin of the anatomical drawings in Juan’s collages?
View more of Juan’s work at Michele Filomeno.

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