已经发了Email到 NEJM英文站的各个联系邮箱举报新英格兰医学杂志中文版《医学前沿》搞的医学可视化大赛欺诈操作和见不得人的既得利益关系

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请在知乎上为我点赞,批判抵制国内这些让人恶心的东西。猛戳这里 ⏩⏩ https://www.zhihu.com/question/363910876/answer/957191717

新英格兰医学杂志中国版《医学前沿》举办医学可视化大赛 遭人质疑的欺诈利益勾兑信息图


Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

I would like to report fraud by the organizers of the he 2nd Medical Visualization Innovation Contest http://edm.nejmqianyan.cn/mvic2/ this year held by the The New England Journal of Medicine’s Chinese version, its website: http://nejmqianyan.cn. They have specially opened up a green channel for students from a relevant training institution to bypass this so-called open and fair competition. If this website is not authorized by you, you can also report it.

First of all, this is the second time they have held this event. From last year’s curiosity and observation to this year’s attempt to participate in this event, the purpose of mine is to exercise myself and experience the feeling of creating medical illustrations work according to the articles, i don’t want to compete for a prize.

The deadline for uploading entries at the end of the event was at 24:00 on October 15th. I took time out of my busy work to create two artworks and sent them to the email box. The rest of the days were waiting until the end of the contest. I highly doubt the legitimacy of this contest. They are setting a trap and feel that I am deceived. Please look down.

1. On Oct. 28, the organizers posted an exhibition of the entries on the Wechat Public Account platform, The address is https://mp.weixin.qq.com/s/yog7qqpei0iw2dwjbnl6qg, among them, I only found one work that I uploaded, and the other one was nowhere to be found. After contacting the organizers client, she explained that the work had actually been uploaded to the server, probably because there are too many works, my other work is omitted. And I found that the version of the work on display was not the final version I submitted because the typography in the illustration was wrong. What’s even weirder is that many of the works don’t even have the artist’s signature on them. There are certainly a lot of good drawings, even exceeding the level of many works at the AMI Salon exhibition, and it is strange that many of them have the same style just like created from one person.

2. By mid December, I suddenly saw two people on Sina Weibo Posting that the upload date of the contest had been pushed back from October 15th to 20th, which seemed to be someone inside them but actually from their interest related organization a personal company, the official website does not publish this information at all. The organizers contacted me by phone to say that because the event had been announced at various universities, the deadline for uploading was postponed and the universities were directly notified. The interest related I mentioned are not from universities, but an individual company that mainly train their students for medical illustration. Wouldn’t the website maintenance staff of the official website add an announcement? It would be a matter of minutes to add a code to the event homepage. For example, if you have to hand in your exam papers at the time of the exam, if you postpone the delivery of a competition by 5 days, you are totally cheating to buy time for the staff of this interest related company.

3. For me, winning a prize or not is a small matter. The myometrium of the uterine wall in the work that won the first prize was painted as cells with nuclei, which was obviously not the same as the magnification level of other anatomy, and this work was hinted at at the beginning, deliberately making it very hazy. The whole picture was covered with a layer of translucent white, and I highly doubt whether they did it on purpose.

4. In collaboration with Tencent Medical Department, a large Chinese organization, we have long heard that Tencent is developing a medical dictionary on a mobile platform, and a partnership between Tencent and the Chinese version of the New England Journal of Medicine can be found on the Internet. The students of the interest related company are arranged for part-time internship working online, in which countless relationships and chains of interests are involved. The result of the contest was that only one of the winners was not from the interest related company and Tencent Medical Department, and here is a screenshot of the interest related company ‘s CEO’s shameless post. In addition, there is also a link to the website of the interest related company mentioned in the Friendship Link below the home page of the competition. I also heard from friends that the competition was actually funded by Tencent’s medical department.

In my opinion, the integrity and fairness of the event can not be guaranteed, it is full of pits, and there are hidden rules such as not letting my work appear in the exhibition normally. The organizers spent a lot of time on the phone explaining my doubts, trying to keep me from thinking, trying to block out my doubts. I posted on Sina Weibo yesterday that these questioned content were reposted and attacked by many people from this interest related company from many places around China, who said it deliberately in a sour way, and asked me to show them my work to see if it was excellent. I declare that I don’t want to compete for any prizes, just to exercise. These people are definitely instigated by the people of the interest related company, want to bully me. I’m so confused about this contest, and they will hold the next one in the future. I will definitely not participate in it. The medical visualization industry has just started in China in recent years, and the market has not yet formed. Now they are monopolized and so corrupt. I strongly condemn this shady theft and fraud of the Chinese version of New England Medicine, and I ask you to respond to it, or I will send this email to medical illustrators all around the world I know.

Best regards,

Peng Du



我想举报你们新英格兰医学杂志在中国的版本 首页 – NEJM医学前沿 今年在中国举办的医学可视化大赛上的举办方舞弊的行为,他们特别为某利益相关的培训机构的学员开辟了绿色通道来绕过这次所谓的公开公平的比赛。如果这个网站并不是你们网站授权的,你们也可以进行举报。



1. 10月28日举办方在微信公众号平台发布了一次参赛的作品展示,地址是 这届选手太优秀!医学可视化大赛投稿作品一览,让你大开眼界 在其中我只发现了我上传的一个作品,另一个作品不见踪迹,和举办方人员联系后,她解释说作品实际上都上传到了服务器,可能因为作品多了,就漏掉了我的其他作品。而且我发现这个展示出来的作品版本并不是我最后递交的最终版,因为这个插画上的排版文字都是错的。更奇怪的是很多作品连绘图者的署名都没有。画的好的图确实很多,甚至超过了 AMI Salon 展上的很多作品的水平,很奇怪的是这里面有相当部分的风格都一样。

2. 到了12月中旬,我突然在新浪微博上看到有2个人在帖子里说这个比赛结束上传日期从10月15号推延到了20号,这好像是他们内部人员但其实是他们的利益机构的人,官方网站上完全不公布这个信息。举办方人员电话联系我说因为这个活动是在各个大学做了宣讲的,推迟截止上传的日期直接通知各个高校了。我提到的利益机构并不是高校的,而是个人开的公司,他们以培训学员为主业。这么严肃的比赛,官方网站的网站维护人员难道不会加个公告上去,加个代码在活动主页完全是几分钟的事。好比考试到时间都要交卷子,一个比赛你内部通知延期5天交,彻头彻底地是在作弊,为这个利益机构的人员赢得时间。

3. 对我来说,获奖不获奖都是小事。那个获一等奖的作品里的子宫壁肌层都画成了有细胞核的细胞,明显不和其他解剖的放大水平是一致的,而且这个作品当初展示出来就是有所暗示,故意弄得很朦胧,整个图加了层半透明白色蒙住,我都高度怀疑是不是他们内定了作品。

4. 跟中国的大机构腾讯公司的背后联手,早有听闻腾讯公司在开发一个移动平台上的医学词典,在网上都能搜到腾讯公司和新英格兰医学杂志中国版本达成合作关系,我提到的利益机构的学员都是安排给腾讯公司兼职实习,千丝万缕的关系和利益链条在其中。这个比赛的结果是获奖者只有一个不是这个利益机构和腾讯公司的,这里有这个机构的CEO恬不知耻发布的帖子截图。另外这个比赛的主页下方友情链接里还有提到的利益机构的网站链接。我从朋友那里也听到这个比赛实际背后是腾讯医疗部资助的。




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